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Quail & Deer Hunting Made Simple 


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Few things in life compare to the simple pleasure of a day a field with intense pointers and bountiful quail.  You just don’t need much else.  Come experience southern bobwhite quail hunting like it should be – No frills…Just dogs, birds and great gunning.

Our Philosophy

For true sportsmen, few things are as cherished as a day a field.  The crisp fresh air, the blue southern sky, the steady working of eager gundogs followed by the shear exhilaration of the covey rise.  Here at Wexford Farms, the Morans are committed to creating that kind of experience.  We are avid quail hunters who believe that the joy of southern quail hunting is the hunt itself, not a fancy lodge, hovering guides or noisy hunt buggies. We offer walking quail hunts over acres of fine southern pine forest.  Wild and released quail provide a unique challenge to both dog and gunner. Wiregrass ridges, pine plantation, and creek bottoms blend to offer a variety of terrain. At Wexford Farms, we put our resources into the development of hunting land and hunting dogs, not bricks and mortar. Therefore, we give you more birds for your bucks.    

Attention Gun Dog Owners

Wexford Farms is pleased to offer a 

30 acre, enclosed dog training and exercise 

pen for use in yard and bird work. 

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